Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy and Bushfire Risk Assessment – Joondalup Resort

Preparation of an Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy including the assessment of treated domestic wastewater reuse.

  • Review of system-scale information and preparation of preliminary site water balance
  • Review of irrigation requirements
  • Preliminary options assessment


A Bushfire Risk Assessment, involving:

  • A Survey including aerial imagery and site inspection of representative bushland at Joondalup Resort, to determine ground, mid-level and canopy fuel loads, wind effects and slopes;
  • Auditing existing fire management systems, assets and preparedness, including fire breaks and their maintenance routines, fire-fighting equipment and access provisions;
  • Undertaking a preliminary bushfire attack level (BAL) contour analysis using simple but approved methods for bushland on-site and how it relates to existing built form and adjoining properties; and,

Negotiating with DFES using the BAL contour information to determine any requirement and scope for a bushfire management plan (BFMP)

A Final Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy Report for submission to the Department of Water.

A Bushfire Risk Management Report identifying existing bushfire risks at Joondalup Resort and outlining any additional work that may be required by DFES.

Centenary Park West Contaminated site Investigation and Remediation Plan

GFG Associate Steven Atwell representing the City of Canning in the capacity of Director Infrastructure and Environment lead this project to undertake a contaminated site investigation within the now closed Centenary Park West Landfill on the Canning River in Wilson. The investigation was to seek to determine the character of any contamination within the site and to determine what remedial action was necessary to achieve a reclassification of the site from Contaminated Investigation Required to Remediated suitable for development.

The investigation was completed in late 2014 and an investigation report and remediation proposal was lodged with the Department of Environmental Protection seeking its assessment and authorisation to remediate the site. As at December 2016 the DEP had l not finalised its assessment of the report.

Woodlupine Creek Master Plan – City of Kalamunda

The City are proposing to upgrade and restore Woodlupine Creek. GFG was engaged by the City to develop the existing landscape concept plan to a detailed level for tendering, cost estimation and construction. The aim was to address the environmental issues that were affecting the creek while still accommodating stormwater flows from the surrounding Urban area. The creek is managed by Water Corporation and the City. Mark Jumeaux has consulted with the City and the Forrestfield,Woodlupine Brook_Working Group, which includes Stakeholders from the local community, Water Corp and DBCA. It is proposed that the areas environmental habitat values and recreational amenity will be improved for local residents.

Miller’s Pool Car Park Redevelopment

GFG Consulting & Associates completed an assessment of the risks posed by draining water to the Swan Estuary from the redevelopment of the Miller’s Pool catchment near the Perth Narrows Bridge.  This project aimed to establish planted swales to improve runoff water quality with a range of other best management practices incorporating climate change implications.  GFG’s role was to undertake the hydrological assessment of the catchment, Carpark redesign, Civil design of WSUD BMPs to manage runoff quantity and quality and an assessment of the quality of waters and sediments in Miller’s Pool and their potential impact on the adjoining Swan Estuary.


  • Water Quality Testing of Millers Pool
  • Advice and design analysis of existing drainage in Mill Point Road
  • Full Civil Engineering Design and Drafting
  • Associated infrastructure design
  • Liaison with underground services locator and preparation of combined services plan
  • Preparation of Civil specifications for construction tender documentation

Collie River Management Plan

GFG Consulting was engaged by the Shire of Collie to review and update the Collie River Revitalisation Plan 2008 to reflect changes impacting the river and banks and create a shared vision for the river into the future. GFG produced a plan setting out an agreed vision for the river and banks and all staged recommendations necessary to achieve this vision.