Tender Preparation Support – Maintenance Contract Tenders

GFG Consulting has been engaged by Plumbing and Electrical Contractors to provide the following services:

  • Assisting Plumbing Contractor with the preparation of the tender submission
  • Preparing necessary documentation to include in the tender
  • Setting up template in a way in which it can be used for future local government tender submissions
  • Developing required documentation to support the tender – ie Safe Work Method Standard

Diversity Training & Aboriginal Engagement Services

The cornerstone to a successful long-term Aboriginal Engagement strategy is an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity (both of Aboriginal and other cultures) in the workplace.

Creating a culture of diversity acceptance in an organisation takes time and effort. There is more to it than just hiring someone to talk with employees about diversity. GFG Consulting believe that for diversity training to be effective it needs to be an ongoing effort supported and also undertaken by senior management. We work hard to make sure that we

  • Integrate training into your organisational practices and goals.
  • Establish a resource library for participants to use following the training.
  • Assist in identifying non-training activities that will support lessons learned from the training, which include posters, staff meetings, newsletters, informational brochures, and videos.


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Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Training

GFG Consulting is in partnership with The Training Compound to deliver industry leading situational awareness and personal safety training to Local Government, State Government Departments and Private Sector Organisations.

This Training includes:

  • Situational and Self-Awareness training
  • Tactical Communications Training—To develop skills to verbally de-escalate aggressive or non-compliant behaviour)

Self Defence Training—To develop skills that allow Rangers and other Local Government staff to “break away” from violent encounters in a safe and lawful way.