Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy and Bushfire Risk Assessment – Joondalup Resort

Preparation of an Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy including the assessment of treated domestic wastewater reuse.

  • Review of system-scale information and preparation of preliminary site water balance
  • Review of irrigation requirements
  • Preliminary options assessment


A Bushfire Risk Assessment, involving:

  • A Survey including aerial imagery and site inspection of representative bushland at Joondalup Resort, to determine ground, mid-level and canopy fuel loads, wind effects and slopes;
  • Auditing existing fire management systems, assets and preparedness, including fire breaks and their maintenance routines, fire-fighting equipment and access provisions;
  • Undertaking a preliminary bushfire attack level (BAL) contour analysis using simple but approved methods for bushland on-site and how it relates to existing built form and adjoining properties; and,

Negotiating with DFES using the BAL contour information to determine any requirement and scope for a bushfire management plan (BFMP)

A Final Irrigation Water Conservation Strategy Report for submission to the Department of Water.

A Bushfire Risk Management Report identifying existing bushfire risks at Joondalup Resort and outlining any additional work that may be required by DFES.

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